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My Gear

A page dedicated to the camera equipment I use for your photo and video shoots!

I get a lot of questions regarding the gear I use, and how to use it, so here's a start to answering all of your questions. I love chatting about photography and different shoot set ups, so if you want to talk more please get in touch! My contact form is at the bottom of the page. 

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Sony A7III

My go to camera body - perfect image size files for events, great quality video with low noise. The lower price range of a mirrorless camera set up means that it can get sandy, wet and salty without too much worry. If you're getting in to professional photography I highly recommend! 

Sony A7IV

When I need more megapixels I reach for my A7IV - if commercial projects need large prints for their event set ups or advertising campaigns this is my go to. Also great if I want to crop my photos more and keep brilliant image quality. This eats up file sizes (and SD cards) so I need to make sure I have extra memory available if it's a full day shoot.

Sony G 70-200

My favourite lens for equine photography (with multiple zoom options when you're galloping towards me on the beach) and horse shows. Brilliant quality, fast and accurate autofocus, and a robust build quality.  

Tamron 28-75

A new lens for me! A friend recommended this lens and I'm excited to use it in more situations, especially in lower lighting. So far great image quality but slightly slower autofocus than my Sony lens'. Ps. I have the new version of this lens but both are great.

Sony Zeiss 55

I love this prime lens, particularly when using for videography and with my gimbal. I love that you have to move more with a lens that doesn't zoom, and think more about the composition of the photo/clip. A great lens and not too expensive. 55mm vs. 50mm? No difference, as far as I'm concerned.

Sigma Macro

Purely bought for close up product shots. Beautiful quality of photographs, used for stills and tripod set ups only, not where a fast autofocus is needed. 

DJI Air 3

My newest drone! DJI always release quality products, this drone is stable, easy to use, and great quality (4k footage and 48mp photos which allows me to zoom/crop). I enjoy the new remote control that doesn't need a phone connected.

Ronin SC

Used for videography, this gimbal is lightweight and easy to transport, with good battery life and a good app to use with a phone. If you're looking to get in to video and want it to look professional I highly recommend buying a gimbal, this one does the job nicely, although there are plenty similar on the market that are priced lower.

ND Filters

Important for long exposure photography and high quality video in low light, I use my ND filters a handful of times over the season. Not important when you start out - but grab one cheap and get used to it for when you want to start getting more professional with your video. Remember that each of your lens sizes will need a different ND filter - so choose sizes wisely!

Billingham Bag

I love my Billingham shoulder bag and use it for jobs where I need two lenses and my drone, and generally not straying too far from my vehicle. It's the perfect size. Otherwise, I use the cheapest Amazon backpack, picked up at the start of 2019, that I just can't part ways with as it's perfect for the job!

Rode VideoMIC

My on camera microphone. I use this as well as the wireless microphones as a backup for any important commercial video work or wedding videography. If you're shooting outside make sure you buy a fluffy 'dead cat' to mask wind noise!

Rode Wireless Go II

If you're going to be attaching your microphones to other people for interviews, or vlogging, or basically not standing or sitting in the same spot whilst filming, I recommend these extremely portable and great quality mics. You can attach a lavalier microphone to these or use as is. DJI do a great version too if you want a comparison product.


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